Drug Discovery
  • Target deconvolution
  • Target validation
  • Mode of action analysis
  • Toxicity profiling
Clinical Proteomics
  • Translational research
  • Companion diagnostics
  • Complex biomarker signatures
  • Drug response prediction
Disease and Systems Biology
  • Signal transduction
  • Disease mechanisms
  • Mechanistic biomarkers
  • Multi-omics integration
Accelerating drug and biomarker discovery

OmicScouts is a chemical proteomics company focused on supporting drug and biomarker discovery with its unique expertise and innovative technologies.

Founded by leading proteomics researchers, the company has a track record in delivering significant collaborations with top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

We provide and develop proteome-wide assays that work with native proteins in a physiological setting and enable the identification of small molecule drug targets, target engagement markers, molecular mechanisms of action and drug response biomarkers.

OmicScouts supports your drug and biomarker discovery projects with end-to-end solutions tailored to project specific needs.

Latest News
Aug. 31 - Dez. 31, 2020
We are expanding our technology portfolio: We now support our drug discovery clients working in the field of event-driven pharmaco...
Aug. 28 - Dez. 31, 2020
Together with our partners at the TUM Chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics and the TUM Institute of Virology, we received grant fu...
Nov. 1 - Dez. 31, 2020
To strengthen our multidisciplinary team, we are looking for Research Associate Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry (MS)-based P...

Scientific excellence in proteomics, computational biology and drug discovery

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