Drug Discovery

Proteomics solutions for drug discovery

OmicScouts' technologies enable informed decisions at different stages of the drug discovery process. Generally, our technologies support both traditional, target-based drug discovery and phenotypic, chemical genetics-based drug discovery.

  • The chemical proteomics TargetScout™ technology and the complementary label-free SideScout™ approach reveal and verify specific cellular targets and target engagement, determine target-specific dissociation constants in a physiological setting, and provide selectivity information and on-/off-target liabilities
  • ProteomeScout™ provides a quantitative in-depth view of the proteome and supports the identification and selection of potential drug targets, PD and drug response biomarkers
  • Proteome-wide, quantitative profiling of post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation, ubiquitinylation or acetylation using the SignallingScout™ technology reveals target engagement information and on-/off-pathway liabilities


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Proteomics for drug discovery and development
Our comprehensive chemical proteomics platform can support and facilitate both target-based drug discovery and phenotypic drug discovery and subsequent development phases with a variety of technologies. Adapted from: Schirle, Bantscheff, and Kuster, Chem Biol, 2012, 19(1):72-84