Computational Biology

Integration of multiple molecular and cellular profiling datasets
  • The integrative analysis of multiple molecular profiling (omics) levels reveals complementary information
  • Biological systems require the interplay of various levels of functional molecules
  • Proteogenomics approaches and advanced bioinformatics capabilities can extract relevant information and support the discovery of multivariate and multi-omics biomarkers
  • Experimental strategies designed to enable comprehensive bioinformatics and statistical data analysis
  • Advanced data analyses include genomics, statistics, cluster analyses, machine learning approaches, feature selection, multivariate statistics, correlation analysis, Lasso/Elastic net procedures, pathway and network analyses and much more


Further reading

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From genotype to phenotype
Systems Biology, Pharmacology and Medicine mandate the integration of molecular and cellular profiling datasets. Adapted from Huang, Abernethy, Wang, Zhao, Zineh, J Pharm Sci, 2013 102, 2912-2923