Deep and rapid proteome profiling
  • MS based proteomics has matured to a high content and high throughput technology that can support drug discovery e.g., for highly multiplexed screening applications
  • We developed the ProteomeScout™ technology further to allow routine protein quantification in thousand of samples with unprecedented depth (up to >10,000 proteins), accuracy and precision
  • For Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD), our high-throughput ProteomScout™ HT workflow offers deep proteomic profiling of 100s to 1,000s of compounds
  • These high-throughput capabilities also provide rapid proteome-wide selectivity profiling for fast drug optimization iterations, providing valuable selectivity data early in compound development

Our platform supports all major identification and quantification technologies, including Tandem Mass Tags®, data-independent acquisition (DIA), and SILAC, as well as AI-based peptide and protein ID tools

OmicScouts has experience with all conceivable sample types, such as fresh and frozen tissues, body fluids, formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue, cellular extracts, bacteria, plants, etc.

Quantitative proteomics of a PROTAC-treated cancer cell line
Example results of quantitative proteomics of a cancer cell line treated with different PROTACs, putatively degrading two different targets. The cell line proteome was comprehensively profiled to a depth of >9,000 proteins, including the two target proteins. Our well established technology platform provides reliable statistically powered results, enabling true data-driven decisions to guide drug discovery and optimization efforts.