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Draft of the murine proteome published in Nature Methods
Jun 30, 2022

We congratulate our co-founders and scientific advisors Bernhard Kuster and Mathias Wilhelm, their colleagues and collaborators for their recent publication on the draft of the murine proteome in Nature Methods.

By analysing over 40 different tissues and nearly 70 mouse cell lines the team was able to produce protein level evidence for nearly 18.000 mouse genes covering about 80% of the genome of one of the most important model organisms. The comprehensive data set, which is freely available (here and here), also features phospho-proteomic analysis of all the specimens and will enable exciting future research. In the paper it is for example showcased how the integration of drug and radiation response data can deliver valuable insights in cancer treatment options or how the comparison with other comprehensive proteomes (human and Arabidopsis) can elucidate fundamental regulatory mechanisms in biology. 

As a proteomics company we are deeply invested in and convinced of the power of proteomic approaches, be it in understanding biological systems or new insights in drug discovery. So, it is always exciting to see such great research in the spotlight. 

If you are working with mice, in drug discovery or have a project concerned with living things, talk to your proteomics department. 

If you don't have one, talk to us.