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Science article: Chemical proteomics of clinical kinase inhibitors
Nov 01, 2018

Kinase inhibitors are an important class of drugs that block protein kinases involved in diseases such as cancer and inflammatory disorders. A large effort led by the academic lab of our co-founder Bernhard Kuster deconvoluted the target landscape of 243 approved and clinical kinase inhibitors. They found compounds with exquisite selectivity, while others targeted many kinases simultaneously, making it difficult to attribute their biological effects to any particular mode of action. Their results underscore the value of proteomics and, in particular, chemical proteomics for target identification, drug:target selectivity profiling, mechanism of action analyses, proteome-wide SAR analyses and drug repurposing. They show how chemical proteomics can be employed to develop better drugs, understand how existing drugs work, and design more effective clinical trial.

Read the full Science article here.